Monday, September 26, 2011

What's Going On?

Posting has been pretty slow on my blog lately, for three main reasons. 1) I've got other hobbies and things going on now, which means less time for posting (learning bass so I can become a Rock Monster, writing book reviews, etc. etc. 2) I'm spending more time doing little updates on facebook and twitter, and 3) I've been less than enthusiastic about writing posts on here, especially longer ones.

So. Since I finally figured out how to import all my old blog posts from Blogger into Tumblr, I've decided to make the switch. I've already imported everything from my old blog that was called Un Bel Niente, and I'm almost done with importing all the posts from here. Once I'm completely finished, I'll be deleting this blog completely (I've already deleted Un Bel Niente). So if you're wondering why my posts are disappearing, that's why.  They're not gone, they're just moved. can now find me here, at Make note!

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  1. Try bananas for K

    Did you know of the old thought that you blessed people when they sneezed because it was thought that they needed to restore their spirit which went with the sneeze